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W dniu 23 września br. o godz. 15:00 odbędzie się wykład dr Cecilii Winaty, której postępowanie habilitacyjne odbywa się przed Radą Naukową Instytutu Nenckiego.

Tytuł wykładu: „Understanding the heart using zebrafish as a model organism”


The heart performs a vital function, the main one being as a mechanical pump to circulate oxygen-carrying blood and nutrients throughout the body. Specialized cell types constitute various essential components of the heart ensure its life-sustaining activity. The core genetic program and stepwise morphogenesis involved in development of the heart is largely conserved across metazoans and aberrations to this process could result in congenital heart disease. Many key insights into heart development and function have been derived from analysis using the zebrafish as a model organism. With the growing capacity of the zebrafish to model human heart biology, a comprehensive knowledge of both conserved and nonconserved features between the hearts of the two organisms becomes ever necessary in order to more accurately translate results from the zebrafish to human. Single cell analyses of mammalian heart have yielded surprising new insights in the discovery of new cell types and their sublineages, as well as their developmental mechanism and contributions to various forms of heart disease. The zebrafish offers a glimpse into earlier events of cardiogenesis which would provide better insight into the mechanism underlying the development of various cardiac cell types and specialized structures. We present a high resolution atlas of zebrafish heart single cells transcriptomics. By utilizing three different transgenic lines to endogenously label the major (myocardial) as well as rare (cardiac conduction system) populations of cardiac cell types, we delineated major cell lineages and sublineages of the zebrafish heart and distinguished a set of gene expression profiles associated with each of these populations. Our analysis uncovered new subpopulations of cell types within major clusters exhibiting distinct gene expression profiles.

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