NOL Sytems Neuro Seminars

Dear friends,

we have started our Nencki Open Lab Systems Neuroscience Seminars more than half a year ago – and we decided that it is a great time to make some changes and expand our project.

We are therefore joining forces with our friends, Alejandro Camerra and Azul SIlva from the University of Buenos Aires to organize Transatlantic Systems Neuro Seminars togetherWe are going to make our seminars more diverse and engaging; we will also start a YouTube channel where you will be able to watch seminars that you have missed.

And it’s just the beginning – we are planning to expand our project to organize also a series of debates and discussions in the future. Stay tuned!

Time and date of ou seminars will not change – we will see you every Wednesday at 3:30 GMT +2.

And we have the pleasure to announce our first Transatlantic Systems Neuroscience Seminar that will take place next week, October 14th. Our guest will be Eve Marder (Brandeis University) with a talk entitled Differential Resilience of Neurons and Networks with Similar Behavior to Perturbation. Please find the abstract below.

The address will be:

The password is nol1917.

Abstract:   Both computational and experimental results in single neurons and small networks demonstrate that very similar network function can result from quite disparate sets of neuronal and network parameters.  Using the crustacean stomatogastric nervous system, we study the influence of these differences in underlying structure on differential resilience of individuals to a variety of environmental perturbations, including changes in temperature, pH, potassium concentration and neuromodulation.  We show that neurons with many different kinds of ion channels can smoothly move through different mechanisms in generating their activity patterns, thus extending their dynamic range.

See you soon!

Mateusz Kostecki & Ula Włodkowska
Nencki Open Lab