Nencki Institute Seminar

Dear All

This Thursday, October 8th, 3pm  within the framework of the Nencki Institute’s seminars, Julian Swatler, a PhD student in the group of Prof. Katarzyna Piwocka, will present his project entitled: „Role of leukemic extracellular vesicles in differentiation and suppressive activity of regulatory T cells”


Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is a hematological malignancy that develops in the bone marrow. CML development is facilitated by immunosuppressive immune cells, including regulatory T cells (Treg). However, mechanisms and leukemia-derived factors that control Treg biology in leukemia are practically unknown. We hypothesized that leukemic extracellular vesicles (EVs) – small vesicles released outside the cell, may be a contributing factor. Using both mouse and human ex vivo systems I have studied the direct effect of chronic myeloid leukemia-derived EVs on activity, suppressive phenotype and differentiation of regulatory T cells. Furthermore, mass spectrometry and signalling studies provided more insight about precise regulatory pathways of observed phenomena. Finally, I will show data from in vivo mouse models of leukemia that further dissect leukemic EVs-Treg interaction in the physiological context of disease development.

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Aleksandra Pękowska