Nencki Institute Seminar

Dear All,

I am delighted to announce that Thursday 1st of October, at 3pm, we will host Prof. Ulf Bauchinger from the Institute of Environmental Sciences at the Jagliellonian University. Prof Bauchinger has recently joined the Nencki Institute Research station in Mikołajki, where he investigates the interplay between metabolism and the animal’s Darwinian fitness. He will give a lecture entitled „An integrative and organismal biology approach to metabolism”


How animals maintain physiological function and integrity is important for their performance. Many of the physiological and morphological traits maintained are subject to phenotypic flexibility. Such reversible changes occur at the level of energy metabolism, the turnover of matter, the organ sizes, many other traits, and also at the level of cell size. Cell size and its phenotypic flexibility will be presented and put into context of whole animal performance.

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Aleksandra Pękowska