Nencki Institute Seminar

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the next Nencki Institute Seminar. On Thursday, October 24thDamian Matyśniak from the Laboratory of Molecular Basis of Cell Motility will give the lecture entitled „P2X7 receptor activity landscape in rat and human glioma cell lines”. Don’t miss this great event, which will take place at 3:00 PM in the CN conference hall and will be followed by a „get together” networking session in the exhibition hall on the ground floor.
Tomasz Prószyński

Oferty pracy

Instytut Biologii Doświadczalnej im. M. Nenckiego PAN poszukuje kandydata / ów na stanowisko: student /ka (magistrant /ka).

Oferta skierowana jest do studentów studiów drugiego stopnia lub jednolitych studiów magisterskich, którzy ukończyli co najmniej 3 rok studiów z zakresu biologii, biotechnologii lub kierunków pokrewnych.

Szczegóły oferty na stronie: www.nencki.gov.pl

Seminar of Prof. Jacek Majewski

Dear All,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to a seminar of Prof. Jacek Majewski entitled: „Exploring the Downstream Effects of Epigenetic Driver Mutations in Cancer: Disease informs Basic Science.” on October 23rd, at 11.00 at the CN conference room.

Prof. Jacek Majewski is an Associate Professor at the Department of Human Genetics of McGill University and Genome Quebec Innovation Centre.