Nencki Institute Seminar

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This Thursday, 30th of June, at 3 pm, we will e-host dr. Terence D. Capellini, who is a Professor of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University. His interdisciplinary lab bridges functional genomics and genetics, developmental biology, medical genetics, and paleoanthropology. Currently, the research in dr. Capellini group is focusing on how gene regulation shapes different bones of the skeleton, how interbreeding with Neandertals facilitated human skeletal adaptations, and most applicable, how alterations to gene regulation during human evolution have influenced the modern world-wide risk of joint-specific osteoarthritis.

Title The Regulation of Human Skeletal Development

Short Abstract

This talk will focus on the regulation of human skeletal development concentrating on both its evolutionary origins and connections to musculoskeletal disease risk.  In this context, I will discuss functional genomics and targeted genetic approaches that allowed us to identify causal disease variants in mice and humans.

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Meeting ID: 982 2223 1110
Passcode: 795926

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Open competition for the position of Group Leader

Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw invites applicants to participate in an open competition for the position of GROUP LEADER


We are seeking highly motivated scientists who have completed at least five years of post-doctoral training, have demonstrated outstanding scientific achievements and are ready to start their independent careers.

We offer employment in the leading Polish research institution in life sciences located on the largest Polish biomedical research campus in one of the most vibrant cities of Europe. The Nencki Institute is active in basic and translational research in the fields of molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, neurophysiology and bioinformatics. The candidate’s scientific interests should fall within the research fields of the Nencki Institute.

The initial contract in this position will be for 5 years with the possibility of obtaining tenure at the Nencki Institute upon the successful review. A group leader will have full freedom to develop his/her own scientific projects and responsibility for forming and leading an independent research group. Appointment will include core funding and up to three group members as well as access to state-of-the-art research facilities.

Successful candidates are expected to:

  • hold a doctorate or medical degree in a relevant discipline
  • demonstrate outstanding research achievements
  • present plans for an ambitious and competitive research program
  • possess the leadership skills required to direct an independent research group
  • exhibit openness to internal and external collaborations

Applications should include:

  • curriculum vitae
  • full list of peer-reviewed publications
  • up to three experimental publications (pdf) with a brief explanation of their significance and the candidate’s contribution
  • description of past accomplishments and future research plans (max. 5 pages)
  • contact information to at least 3 referees

Application deadline: September 5th, 2022

Applications should be sent to: group.leader@nencki.edu.pl

For additional information please contact Ms. Urszula Dziewulska: u.dziewulska@nencki.edu.pl

The selection process will be conducted by the Recruitment Committee established by the Director of the Nencki Institute. Short-listed candidates with the highest score will be selected for personal interviews. Interviews will take place at the Nencki Institute in the second half of October 2022. The results of the competition will be announced in the end of November 2022.

Wernisaż wystawy Projektu 4th ART & SCIENCE „Sztuka Powstawania Życia”

Fundacja Marcelego Nenckiego wspierania nauk biologicznych serdecznie zaprasza na wernisaż wystawy Projektu 4th ART & SCIENCE „Sztuka Powstawania Życia”. Wernisaż odbędzie się 27 czerwca 2022 roku (poniedziałek) o godzinie 15:15 w Warszawie, w Instytucie Biologii Doświadczalnej im. M. Nenckiego (Sala Wystawowa Centrum Neurobiologii).

W czasie wystawy zostanie zaprezentowany Katalog, przedstawiający wyniki Projektu „Sztuka Powstawania Życia”.